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"After completing 2 full Iron Man races and 12 halfs, my body has aches and pains.  My wife gave me these Sand of the Sea CBD products to try and they work better than anything I've gotten from the Iron Man event sponsors! The CBD Muscle & Joint Pain Remedy is quick and easy to apply myself."
- Christian Baecker, Verified Customer

From our sister company, QOG Botanicals - the CBD Muscle & Joint Pain Remedy Aromatherapy Roll-on is a delight to the senses! Effective for TMJ sufferers as well - roll on near jawline for effective relief.  Roll on in pain areas for workout recovery and chronic pain.  For Aromatherapy benefits, roll on palms, cup hands over nose and mouth (avoid eyes), and inhale deeply.  Made with full spectrum hemp extracts and proprietary blend of organic botanical oils.