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Customers are raving about this product.  Check out our Reviews in Testimonials.  

"The CBD Nourishing Face Balm  has improved my  skin  texture and  lessened  pore  size, and  has not exacerbated  my  tendency toward  adult  acne."   
- Dr. Jane Tanaka M.D., Verified Customer

"Since using the CBD Nourishing Face Balm, I have noticed a visible and textural difference on my neck and chest (sun damaged and 40+ years old)."
-Kimberly Lauro, Verified Customer 

"I have noticed a significant change in my fine lines and age spots."
- Diane Swanson, Verified Customer

CBD Nourishing Face Balm

The CBD Nourishing Face Balm is a decadent and effective treatment to calm acne, deeply hydrates dry skin, soothes skin redness and irritation while combating free radicals with its potent CBD antioxidant properties to keep your skin firm, glowing, and youthful.  

Instructions:  Our products are highly concentrated.  A little goes a long way!  Take a pea size amount into palm.  Rub hands together as the heat will melt the balm into your hands.  Lightly and gently pat onto face in upwards motions.  Can be used after CBD Anti-Aging Face Serum.  Follow up with CBD Facial Toner Mist for maximum hydration results.