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"When I am tired and stressed I have used the CBD Bath Drop to soak my weary body and I sleep better and feel so calm afterwards.  You cannot go wrong using any product from this line.  It is simply the best! Do yourself a favor and order some now, you will not be disappointed..."
-Diane Swanson, Verified Customer

CBD Bath Drops (Includes 1 Bath Drop)

Effective Treatment for:  Work Out Recovery, Pain, Tension, Stress, Muscle and Joint Aches, Insomnia, Anxiety.  

Our unique, one of kind - CBD Bath Drop is loaded with all natural, good-for-you ingredients.  Here at Sand of the Sea, we detest chemicals, additives, fillers, artificial color and synthetic fragrances.  Especially in our bath!  That's why we steered away from traditional "bath bombs" that are usually made with toxic ingredients.  

Pamper yourself with this revolutionary way to soak tension, pain, inflammation, and sore muscles away!  "Drop" entire CBD Bath Drop into your warm bath.  Let bath salts fully dissolve.  Then squeeze bath drop in your hand, under water, to release all the wonderful CBD extracts.  

Key Ingredients:  Full Spectrum Hemp Flower and Leaves, Epsom Salt, Proprietary Lavender Oil Blend.  

Includes One Bath Drop.  Can be used for up to 2 baths.  Squeeze and wring out excess water out of CBD Bath Drop and keep in cool, out of the sun area and let it dry before next use.  

Caution:  May make bathtub slippery.  Please use extra precautions getting in and out of the bathtub.