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"I am pleased with and recommend Sand of the Sea CBD products after using them for over five months. The CBD Shave Kit which includes the CBD Pre-Shave Oil and the CBD Foaming Face Wash makes the blade smoothly glide while giving a close shave plus the CBD After-Shave Balm seals the deal with a refreshing finish."  
-Michael Olson, Verified Customer

CBD Shave Kit

For All Skin Types

A complete CBD Shave Kit to change the way you shave and feel.  No more nicks, no more shave burns! Here is our revolutionary 3 step process:  

1.  CBD Pre-Shave Oil:  A luxurious pre-shave oil to protect your skin.  Put 3-5 drops on area to be shaved.  

2.  CBD Foaming Face Wash:  Shake well and apply this foam on top of Pre-Shave Oil area.  Then shave.

3.  CBD After-Shave Balm:  Follow with a pea-size amount of nourishing, skin rejuvenating balm.  This non-comedogenic face balm will not clog your pores.  

Because of the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, this After-Shave Kit can reduce swelling, pain and any redness from breakouts and shave burns.  

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